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Order is the soul of everything

The ever-increasing load in the development environment lead to performance decrease in the communication of network attached devices. With the redesign of the networks, and rerouting of the used bandwidth, I could correct that issue. With the same step I could organize all the cable-jungle dangling along free, on shelves and on the carpet. The [...]


Gandalug, as the new member of the development environment

I can bond quite a bit to my tools and equipment which I use, but there certainly are times when an improvement became inevitable. For that reason came Beornegar after Clacker too. And now Gandalug. Reason for the change I have grown over the limits of the previous NAS for now as I’m not working [...]

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MAC-based exception in a Mikrotik hotspot

There was a job to build a limited, authentication-based Internet access system at a client’s apartman-building site. It was quickly accomplished with the built-in hotspot module of the Mikrotik router. There are plenty of posts about hotspot module setup. That is outside the boundaries of this article, we will start with a previously installed hotspot. [...]

Code optimizations in PHP

I got in the reach of a really interesting problem as I was talking with a friend. This got me to try various optimization techniques in practice. One of the beauties is that it only contains php-code (there are no mind-numbing html hacks, or sql/io bottlenecks), so I could concentrate on the level of the [...]

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Tracking monthly expenses 3.0

The description for the previous version of the applications is throughout and to the point, so I try to cover the modifications and new features which come with the 3.0 version. The first screen has changed for better usability, and easier overview on the items. The feature which stand out the most is the header, [...]

Tracking monthly expenses – Payments

The app should be very straightforward, and intuitive, but lets run through it fast. It was created to hold information about monthly recurring payments, to have an overview in a glimpse, what were payed and what have to be. Also a sum, to add up all the unpaid amounts. Lets see the screens and functions [...]

What every webdeveloper should know

From my own experiences and conversations with friends I know what questions have been made in an interview. These are by which the future employer is trying to measure the capacity of the applicants. The trend is worrying. I met a lot of people who have lamp or any similar environment on their machines, have [...]


Gaming in multimonitor environment

Because of my programming job I use multiple monitors, and when I’m playing I like to use the bigger screen estate as good as just possible. With FPS and car games it is almost out-of-the-box, and the new multimonitor cards give directions for game developers as well. But developers for strategic games do not like [...]

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Automatic hook creation in every new svn repository

Once I had to connect a subversion server to a mantis, so that the commits connected to opened issues would be logged to the corresponding mantis entry after sending them in. This was achieved by using the post-commit hook script. Big positive, it is only linked to a specific repository, every other aspect remains freely [...]

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My own 10 development rules

Everyone has their own rules for doing work, and there are plenty of posts about 10-20-more rules what a webdeveloper should follow. I’ll not create new dogma for anyone, and I’ll not say that my rules are mandatory for being a good developer. I’ll only say, that they have helped me, and will help me [...]


How much does a free app cost?

More and more people use “smart phones” around me each day, so I’m paying attention to the details connected to them. I do have some sentimental causes to stick with my old-fashioned one, but sooner or later this will also give in… It can be said, that almost a million apps are available for Apple [...]

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A development-environment is developing

I haven’t obtained any new development computer in the last nine years. At least not one which was built for my specific needs. This long lasting period has ended yesterday. I could get my hands on the last piece for having the first build finished on Beornegar. In spite of writing a boring list I [...]

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WordPress – Google ‘plus one’ button

I was looking for a decent Google+ plugin for a long time, and I didn’t manage to find one, which could meet all my expectations. For that reason I have modified one, because GPL allows me to do it. The plugins originates from Techlunatic’s pages and was written by Rohan Pawale. The new version is [...]

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WordPress – Facebook ‘like’ button

I was looking for a decent facebook like plugin for WordPress for a long time, and haven’t found one, which could meet all my expectations. So I’ve decided to modify one, because GPL gave me the opportunity. The new vesion is available: Facebook Like (Recommend) Button WordPress plugin by kms. The plugin’s page on WordPress.org: [...]

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Squid authentication module

Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. Squid has extensive access controls and makes a great server accelerator. It runs on most available operating systems, including Windows and is licensed under the GNU GPL. [...]

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