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Short description

I’ve been dealing with website development as a pasttime for many years now, with this solution i plan to ease the meaning of the hungarian saying: “the shoemaker shoes are almost always leaky”.

Furthermore, I’d like to publish valuable descriptions about programming solutions, for which there is few, imperfect or no documentation at all in hungarian.

Why is this needed in hungarian?
Yes, i know, computer’s language these days is english, but i originate today’s computers from Neumann János, so it is natural to me, to have programming documentation in his native language.

What gave me the idea?
The possibilities in programming are often under-documented even by their creator. In most cases determining the overlap between pursued solution and available potential utilizes more efforts than what for don Quijote could’ve been enough. I try to save from that work everyone like me.

Will this be a new FAQ/HowTo-guide collection?
No, the goal is not to describe a way to ‘create table-less webpages’, that sort has many answers already. My goal is to describe the problems encountered in my work, and the solutions which i applied to them, and to give a (more) fully description about used features.

In what environment do i work?
In an idyllic and picturesque environment :] This is no way the answer you could’ve expected. Mostly PHP + MySQL, extended with the languages which are used for web-development (HTML, XML, DHTML, XHTML, Javascript, …) Furthermore, i’ve created some ‘Visual Basic for Application’ solutions (Excel, Access), as well as C++ and Java code.

2 thoughts on “Short description

  • velpfeece says:

    Хочу заказать рекламу у вас, куда писать?


    kms Reply:

    Dear Velpfeece,
    I’m sorry, I’m not that familiar with cyrillic languages. If you can write me in English than It’d be much easier for me to help you out.
    Have a nice day,


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