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Gandalug, as the new member of the development environment

I can bond quite a bit to my tools and equipment which I use, but there certainly are times when an improvement became inevitable. For that reason came Beornegar after Clacker too. And now Gandalug.

before -> after

before -> after

Reason for the change

  • I have grown over the limits of the previous NAS for now
  • as I’m not working alone anymore a project-management tool became needed, and
  • there are very nice and effective devices for small- and mid-sized companies


The new gadget has to meet the following requirements:

  • support for RAID5
  • ability to use at least 3TB HDDs
  • easy to setup/use/maintain
  • a suitable CPU/RAM combination for being able to serve other purposes besides being a storage facility

The results of the search brought me – not just for the reasons above – a Synology NAS as winner.

Opinion after a short timespan of use

All my expectation were exceeded.

  • storage space utilization is at 2.5%
  • CPU usage never went above 30%, but in 95% of the time it is 1%
  • the built-in memory is by 55% used

From the many available packages I use at the moment the following:

  • SVN – I use it for historical reasons
  • Redmine – for having a decent project-management
  • UniFi controller – for managing the APs in the networks installed by me

For file-management

  • FTP – more than one client is using this for confidence/convenience reasons
  • CloudSync – sync’ing documents and having a first level of automatic backup

When my time will allow me, I’ll look into the package management process, the creation of own packages, because I have ideas for a few software which I could pack on top of it, but there are no packages available yet…

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