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The ever-increasing load in the development environment lead to performance decrease in the communication of network attached devices. With the redesign of the networks, and rerouting of the used bandwidth, I could correct that issue.

With the same step I could organize all the cable-jungle dangling along free, on shelves and on the carpet.

The device pool got two new items:

  • a 32U high rack case, and
  • a Cisco SG300-10 switch [BorderForest]

Cisco-SG300-10 [BorderForest]

With this expansion set I could separate the network into “base-Internet-usage” and “development” networks. This was unreachable with the previous decives due to lack of sufficient port numbers.

The devices in the rack are as follows (from bottom to top):

The power supply to the cabinet is routed through a APC SU1400INET UPS.

Apart from these a few more attached devices:

  • Beornegar
  • TP-Link WR1043ND – in AP mode for WiFi connections
  • HP LaserJet 4 Plus printer
  • Two more computers for accessing the Internet

The two separate networks lie on subnets and As there are almost no communications between the two subnets it is sufficient that the router passes those packets around.

Network diagram

Network diagram

This solution got me the needed relief in the traffic jams and collisions, bandwidth-usage became more efficient, and thus the development network got into a more reliable and faster state.

Moving into the new rack, in a short picturesque summary:

Rack move-in

Rack move-in timelapse


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