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MAC-based exception in a Mikrotik hotspot

There was a job to build a limited, authentication-based Internet access system at a client’s apartman-building site. It was quickly accomplished with the built-in hotspot module of the Mikrotik router. There are plenty of posts about hotspot module setup. That is outside the boundaries of this article, we will start with a previously installed hotspot. [...]

Code optimizations in PHP

I got in the reach of a really interesting problem as I was talking with a friend. This got me to try various optimization techniques in practice. One of the beauties is that it only contains php-code (there are no mind-numbing html hacks, or sql/io bottlenecks), so I could concentrate on the level of the [...]

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Tracking monthly expenses 3.0

The description for the previous version of the applications is throughout and to the point, so I try to cover the modifications and new features which come with the 3.0 version. The first screen has changed for better usability, and easier overview on the items. The feature which stand out the most is the header, [...]

Tracking monthly expenses – Payments

The app should be very straightforward, and intuitive, but lets run through it fast. It was created to hold information about monthly recurring payments, to have an overview in a glimpse, what were payed and what have to be. Also a sum, to add up all the unpaid amounts. Lets see the screens and functions [...]

How much does a free app cost?

More and more people use “smart phones” around me each day, so I’m paying attention to the details connected to them. I do have some sentimental causes to stick with my old-fashioned one, but sooner or later this will also give in… It can be said, that almost a million apps are available for Apple [...]

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