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What every webdeveloper should know

From my own experiences and conversations with friends I know what questions have been made in an interview. These are by which the future employer is trying to measure the capacity of the applicants. The trend is worrying. I met a lot of people who have lamp or any similar environment on their machines, have [...]


My own 10 development rules

Everyone has their own rules for doing work, and there are plenty of posts about 10-20-more rules what a webdeveloper should follow. I’ll not create new dogma for anyone, and I’ll not say that my rules are mandatory for being a good developer. I’ll only say, that they have helped me, and will help me [...]


How much does a free app cost?

More and more people use “smart phones” around me each day, so I’m paying attention to the details connected to them. I do have some sentimental causes to stick with my old-fashioned one, but sooner or later this will also give in… It can be said, that almost a million apps are available for Apple [...]

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